What is the difference between different Lithium ion batteries? And how can power balancing and IoT optimize your business?


In a series of webinar from Micropower Group, we will cover 7 different topics within battery and battery charging. Each webinar is a 30-minute session where our experts will discuss and share knowledge in different areas.


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For any further information or questions regarding the webinars contact Rebecca Andersson at rebecca.andersson@micropower.se.


Time (CEST = UTC +02:00) Date Webinar
2.00-2.30 pm 15/4 FULLY BOOKED
2.00-2.30 pm 16/4 FULLY BOOKED
2.00-2.30 pm 17/4 FULLY BOOKED
2.00-2.30 pm 20/4 Is it possible to reuse and recycle Lithium ion batteries?
2.00-2.30 pm 21/4 What can power balancing and IoT do for your business?
2.00-2.30 pm 22/4 How to choose the best battery chargers for your forklift? 
2.00-2.30 pm 23/4 Practical experiences of designing systems with BRIX batteries and LION chargers